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to Grand Final in Warsaw only a few days, and we want to draw your attention to another shining moment. Especially for such a grand event, we have prepared a gift – the exclusive French light tank AMX 13 57 with company logo Wargaming . net League !

Attention! The offer is valid until 27 April. Hurry to buy unique AMX 13 57 Premium product or official website of the tank .

AMX 13 57 in action

All necessary information about the technology you’ll find below:

General Armour Cannon: 57 mm L / 100
Durability: 890 HP
Maximum speed: 61 km / h
Power: 250 hp
The probability of fire: 20%
Specific Power: 16.78 hp / t
Weight / Maximum weight: 14.9 /16.45 m
The speed of rotation: 48 ° / s
The speed of rotation of the tower : 45 ° / s Review: 390 m
range: 750 m
  • Forehead: 50 mm
  • board: 20 mm
  • feed: 15 mm


  • Forehead: 40 mm
  • board: 20 mm
  • Feed: 20 mm
charges in the drum: 8
Recharge Time: 1 second
cooldown drum 16 seconds
Rate: 20.87 rounds / min
Ammunition: 56
Average armor / damage:
  • AP: 143 mm / 90 HP
  • APCR: 195 mm / 90 HP

spread : 0.37 m (100 m)
Note: 2.3 seconds
vertical lay angles: + 12 ° / -6 °

In short: AMX 13 57 similar to the French tanks such as AMX 12 t , AMX 13 and 75 AMX 13 90. It is equipped with eight drum shells, which can inflict 720 points of damage in just 7 seconds! Engine rated at 250 horsepower provides high starting speed, which is especially useful when you need to wait overcharging drum or hide quickly after the glare during exploration.

The small size of the tank does have a very difficult target for opponents. This plays into the hands of you, because of the virtual absence of armor after two or three hits a game for you may be over. Excellent review of 390 meters will be very useful during the investigation, allowing a safe distance from the enemy tanks.

And, of course, do not forget about all the benefits of premium equipment will pump their crews for light French tanks and earning credits!

We recommend to set the following items:

  • enlightened Optics . Your main task – exploration. This equipment will increase the range of the review by 10% and increase your combat effectiveness.
  • Improved ventilation slightly enhance the ability of the crew, because sometimes to win need quite a bit of extra effort.
  • gain drive crosstalk . The second most important part of your tank is a weapon. With the cooldown of one second, this equipment will discharge the drum with greater accuracy.

More images of the tank AMX 13 57

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