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Grand Final. Hall of Fame

Grand Final Wargaming.net League just around the corner! Twelve of the best teams in the world tensely ready to show all the best that they can, and we have almost hear the cheers of the fans. We are confident that this will be the most prominent and colorful event in the history of World of Tanks.

This is a great event needs its own informational site, which will concentrate a basic media information and act as the main source of news.

Headquarters is pleased to present you a real “home Grand Final” – Hall of Fame major eSports events in 2015:

The portal will open for you to gradually three stages to maximize the efficiency of delivering information directly from Warsaw.


At present, the Hall of Fame is already at the first stage. Prior to the start of the tournament portal will help you find all the necessary information about the upcoming event, especially if you are not too closely followed the presentation of participants from all five regions League:

  • will give detailed information about the teams participating Grand -finala.
  • provided the main base, which will help you understand what will happen during the tournament.
  • helps you get to tournament venue Warsaw and get to know if you’re one of the lucky ones who are going to attend the tournament in person.

When you reach the bottom of the page you can also find important button to subscribe to information block Grand Final. Include your player name, you can sign up for updates that will be coming to you via e-mail and be reminded of the important events in the final straight game client.


April 25 : starts when the main show and the twelve best teams in the world will battle site will undergo some changes.

Hall of Fame will turn into platform for live from the scene and a full MatchCentre to quickly update the results of matches.

If you are going to see live event, the site will be up to date, even in those moments when you will not be in the room. And, of course, the Hall of Fame will be doubly useful to those who will follow the match of the tournament on the Internet.

You also get the opportunity to win an exclusive premium tank AMX 13 57 with company logo Wargaming.net League, guessing tournament results and sharing them with your friends Twitter ! For more information you get on www.TheGrandFinals.com under “Win tank” .


As soon as the last game of the tournament otgremyat April 26 , the portal will take its final shape. Hall of Fame will turn into a colorful page presentation of the world champion in 2015 and the opposing teams.


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