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Grand Final. Representatives of China


We have already introduced you to the teams from RU-region , Europe , Asia and North America , you also know holders Wild Card and the results of draw teams in the Grand Final of the League. Now let’s say a few words about the participants of, perhaps, the most unknown region for our readers.

Thus, representatives of the Chinese server:


RG.Razer (Reforn Gaming). The team was founded in 2013 and is known for his aggressive style of play; often it is not the players use the most popular technique for implementing fast surprise attacks. In 2015, they strengthened the composition and at the moment are the main candidates for the title of best team in China. Grand finale RG . Razer promise to surprise everyone and “make some noise” in the international arena.

YaTo (YaTo Gaming). young and promising team, founded in autumn 2014. Rapid advances quickly introduced her to the list of the best teams in the region, as evidenced by the prizes at several major Asian tournaments. This is the first performance of the team at this level. Excitement is inevitable, but the guys will be posted in each fight and do everything possible to win.

See you in Warsaw!

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