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Grand Final. Representatives of Europe


We are pleased to name the first members of the future Grand Final , which will take April 25 and 26 [1,999,008] in Warsaw. After months of fierce fighting, the European division of Wargaming.net League is ready to introduce you to their candidates!

Schoolbus Winners of the fourth season WGL EU and tournament Rumble in the West , took second place in the League last season . This is one of the most seasoned teams fighting on the European scene, ready to show at the Grand Finals their excellence.

Virtus.PRO – one of the best teams in the world World of Tanks. They finished second in the last Grand Final and try to win a world title at the second attempt. Their level of play has remained consistently high over the past year, allowing the team constantly wins prizes in all European competitions.

Teams European region fought to the last to score cherished ranking points and get to the Grand Final. Below you can see the top six teams EU-region:

Schoolbus 23 points

Virtus. PRO
21 points

Kazna Kru
20 points

PENTA Sports
17 points

TCM Gaming
12 points

11 points

More information about Grand Final you get in the near future. Follow the news!

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