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Grand Final Wargaming.net League will be held April 25-26 in Warsaw, and this event will no doubt expect thousands of fans around the world.

We are happy to share the basic information that you feel comfortable to watch the tournament.

Translation from the event will begin April 25 at 12:00 Moscow time. Doors EXPO XXI opened April 25 at 11:00 local time (12:00 Moscow time). Free admission.

Do not miss!


postseason tournament EXPO XXI will take place on the main stage and in the so-called zone of the Tournament. Schedule is structured in such a way that all teams have at least one fight on the main stage.

Расписание турнира

View the schedule of a larger .

Lighting events

Headquarters will lead a full report and will tell you everything that happens within the walls of the complex, and next to him.

We will show you everything matches of the tournament. The Russian-language online broadcast will go on two channels. Tafa, Dead_Angel, Vspishka and many others are waiting for you!

Also on the main tank will go live website, text report, where you will see much of what is hidden behind the television cameras. Photos, reviews of matches, backstage emotions right here and now!

Online contests

All groups League in social networks (see links at the bottom of the news) will be very active. The same and we are waiting for all fans, because our members are waiting for an unprecedented number of shares prizes: played 75 tanks AMX 13 57 The Grand Finals Edition , 40 legendary Type 59 , and many, many days Premium .

Learn about the competitions

Hall of Fame

One of the main tournament information sites – already familiar to many Hall of Fame, a real “home of the Grand Final.”


Recall useful than this project:

  • Provides comprehensive information about the participating teams of the Grand Final.
  • provides the basic framework that will help you understand what will happen during the tournament.
  • Helps to get to tournament venue Warsaw and get to know if you are one of those lucky people who are going to attend the event in person.

April 25 Hall of Fame will become a platform for the live broadcast from the event and a full match with the center quickly update the results of matches.

If you are going to see a live event, the site will be up to date, even in those moments when you will not be in the room. And, of course, the Hall of Fame will be doubly useful to those who will follow the match of the tournament on the Internet.

Remember that before the matches of the second day of the tournament on April 26th you have the chance to win an exclusive premium tank AMX 13 57 with company logo Wargaming.net League, guessing tournament results and sharing them with your friends Twitter ! More information can be found on www.TheGrandFinals.com under “Win tank” .

Games action

Another reason to root for your favorite team – the action “Viva winners WGL!».

As is well known, RU-region in the Grand Final are three commands: Na`Vi , HellRaisers and SC6 . If at least one of them will win or go down in the top three at the end of the competition, all players RU-region since May 1, 9:00 (GMT) [1,999,013], and for several days awaiting double experience for all the victories .

Read more about the campaign

Be April 25 and 26 with us and cheer for your favorite team. We promise it will be interesting!

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