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no secret that Wargaming . net League eSports in the heart World of Tanks . After months of fierce fighting in the League of the best teams of all regions of the world is waiting for the final and most important test – Grand Final.

We are pleased to inform you that the Grand Final 2015 will again Warsaw . Yes, this is the city that fully shares our passion for eSports and actively helps in promoting it. Can be a long story about the advantages of the tournament of this magnitude in the Polish capital, but it is better to give word known worldwide publications with the opinion of last year’s final:

“It was an incredibly spectacular and on a large scale.”

Poland could not be better suited for the Grand Final. Seen a lot of work. In Warsaw happened “ .
” […] was a real show . “

Grand Final in 2015 again will take place from 25 to 26 April [1,999,010]. Venue – Exhibition Center EXPO XXI .

Twelve of the best teams from around the world will compete in these days for the world title. Victors of the tournament in 2014 Natus Vincere representing RU -Locality again come under the most scrutiny. Pressure on the team this season will be incredibly high, because the whole world wants to know whether the current world champions to get to the Grand Final and repeat his success.


  • Two teams from Asia (the servers zone APAC [1,999,099]).
  • Two teams from RU-региона ( RU -Server).
  • Two teams from Europe ( EU -server).
  • Two teams from North America ( NA -server).
  • Two teams from China ( CN -server).
  • Two teams get Wild Card – the team selected by the organizers for his services and / or other criteria.




    Exhibition Center EXPO XXI – this is a large modern playground, which has all the necessary attributes for events of any scale: good transport links, a large area and high speed internet. All this allows you to organize large-scale show that you will not forget – no matter whether you vote or see it live broadcast.

    new cyber FORMAT

    The last stage of the evolution of tournament rules is made possible by the introduction of new team fights . Now matches Wargaming . net League are in the “Attack / Defense” with two bases to limit the total level of technology in 54 points.

    The attacking team must destroy or capture the defenders of at least one of the bases. The task of defending team – to destroy the attacking tanks or give them to capture any of the database before the time of battle.


    image image


    waiting for you live broadcast of the Grand Final in Russian and English languages. We will do everything possible to organize additional translation in other languages. In addition, the tournament will be a large scale and comprehensive coverage of all official media resources.

    Patience, details soon!


    We have already prepared a lot of ideas and competitions for you! We can not disclose all of the information, but rest assured: you will find a large number of gaming activities and raffles, both online and on site. A chance to grab a souvenir will be for everyone!



    WARSAW – for you and for eSports

    We chose this city, taking into account, among other factors convenience location and level of preparedness of the city for a tournament of this magnitude.

    Warsaw proved to be very hospitable and friendly city for players, media and fans – both in terms of accommodation, and in terms of attractions. Any fan who wants to visit the capital of Poland, not only for the tournament, will easily find plenty of entertainment and leisure options.

    For more information awaits you in the coming months.

    See you in Warsaw!

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