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URL to access the schedule is as follows – http://wot-news.com/iframe/main_graph/ru/norm/ ru /

where main_graph – is a group of graphs
ru – server can be ru, eu, us, sea
norm – type of statistics can be norm, top The final parameter specifies the type of data on the graph and can be as follows:

  • register_main – registrations
  • total_main – Increase (%) in the number of players on past statistics
  • clan_main – Number of players are in clans of players relative to the total (%)
  • [1,999,014] total_played – The number of players that play for weeks

    [1,999,014] xp_mid – Maximum experience for players of games with over 300

Example schedule:

Examples of HTML code to RU server and Russian

image Read more

You can use them wherever you want and they themselves will be updated over time.

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