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Grille Party Race
2016-06-27 18:00:00 / News

To celebrate Update 2.11’s new range of big guns, we’re holding a race event! The tier X Grille 15 is a fearsome machine at the top of the new German tank destroyer line, so we’ve dubbed this event the “Grille Party Race,” because after all, summer is barbecue season.

Begins June 29 (after the release of Update 2.11)
Ends July 12, 23:59 PT / 02:59 ET Goal

Work with the rest of the North American region to deal 482,000,000 damage using the new German tank destroyer line. The six applicable tank destroyers are:

Pz.Sfl. IVc Nashorn St. Emil Rhm.-B WT WT auf Pz. IV Grille 15 Reward 5 Days of Premium Time 1 Garage Slot

Note: You must complete at least 30 battles in the new German tank destroyers to qualify.

Track Your Progress

As always, you can track the event’s progress on the Blitz website, but we’ve also added the ability to track progress in the Blitz Assistant app!

We’re celebrating 100 Years of Tanks! Keep your eyes peeled for more great content as we celebrate the centennial of the first tank battle!

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