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Hello everyone,

I think this is really worth posting. BadBroetchen, involved in the recent Hall of Shame, apologizes for his behavior. You know what? I can really appreciate that. So, there you go, removed from Hall of Shame.

I mean, I am sure everyone realizes that I know these guys aren’t really bald tattoeed fat swastika-wearing nazis, just raging kids. Doesn’t mean this should be tolerated of course, but it’s a good thing what he wrote:

Dear “For the Record“ community,

I am very sorry about what i`ve done in those Random Battle. It`s been a long time since i wrote that into the channel and i was too childish to understand what i wrote there. Im definitly not a Nazi and it is very embarrassing for me for getting shown at such an article. I don`t know where my thoughts gone and i know it will never happen again. So please accept my apology. I dont know how to make up for that. I`m not against jews or any other ethnic minoritys. Normaly im not in that rage mode but somehow i wasn`t by myself that day. I know that some of you will think that im doing this just for deleting my post in the hall of shame but it is important for me that you know that im not such a horrible person. I will apologize first of all to “Der_Mittelfranke” and, if it was somebody else sending this post in naturally also at him/her.

Thank you gratefully, Your Max aka FlyingBroetchen

And a nice letter from his clan, I actually really appretiate this.

Dear SilentStalker,

as a regular reader of your blog I was horrified, when I scanned your latest Hall Of Shame entry only to find my own tag among the submissions. We as the leadership of the Bad Company [BAD-C] are very sorry for the behavior of our member FlyingBroetchen. Our regulations clearly state, that abuse – especially in the form of right wing statements – is forbidden. We also don’t accept such statements (racist or nationalist) on our internal TS3 server. We had a very stern and very serious talk with our member. In the light of him being a minor and us not having any clue about the date of the incident displayed on your site, we decided to put him on probation. Should we as the leadership receive ANY complaint about him – even if he just called someone a noob – we will INSTANTLY remove him from our ranks. FlyingBroetchen will further apologize to the players he has offended. We as a clan feel a responsibility especially for the few minors among us and since he joined us, we have constantly worked to reign in his temper and give him social perspective. Therefore we believe, that it is better for the community to keep him in our ranks and temper him than to kick him and let him rage on. We would be grateful, if you could place our response in the context of the Hall of Shame entry.

Regards on behalf of the full BAD-C leadership

Well, that’s it. Thanks, good luck!

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