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Halloween Special
2017-10-29 09:00:00 / Events

The darkness deepens, a chill is in the air: Halloween is approaching. And anything can happen the night before it! You can already see the Vindicator and Predator driving around Malinovka and Himmelsdorf, but there’s much more to come.

From October 30, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) through November 1, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET):

 Three times more XP for your first victory (up to two times a day).

 Discounts for garage slots:

Five slots: 800 instead of 1,000 Ten slots: 1,260 instead of 1,800 Booster Drop

A hidden mission will be available during the special:

Objective: survive and win 5 battles on Tier VI–X vehicles.

Reward: 10 Medium Combat XP Boosters (+60%), 10 Medium Crew XP Boosters (+150%), 10 Medium Free XP Boosters (+350%).

Limitations: you can complete the mission only once.

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