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A few hours that will stay with you for life. What the world for two, when there is no peace? He gained courage, a new meaning, ready to move mountains if she … wait, if the opponent – stronger? And it is about to take him, as we have done with the millions? War devalued life and drive the price of a simple human happiness to unattainable heights.
Why Victory Day holiday with tears in his eyes, and why this victory – all at the same time each. Hold Play and see the most moving video about love and heroism!

The video is taken to express our respect to veterans and people who make a great victory with his hands. We remember and are grateful to them for everything, “Thank you” to them.
We encourage our viewers to show it to your friends, and grandparents.

Producer: Pavel Firsov
Director: Alexander Kott
Operator: Vladislav Opelyants
Art Director: Daniel Davydov
VFX Supervisor Maxim Raduha
Starring: Alexander Vlasov, Alexei Nazarov, Michael Bosco, Nikolay Andreev.
Composer: Maxim Kuznichenko
Lyrics: Elena Egorova
Performed: Julia Tereshchenko

Horrible day when war came
All around the black smoke enveloped
In the darkness, sat in the window
and whisper: -only be alive!

Silence. The frozen body of water.
I look in the frozen old garden
There’s a bench where we were together.
-Lord, give it back!

In the deserted temple women moan
How many of us, with one destiny?!
We stand and ask the icons:
-Zaklinayu, just be alive!

Scarlet ribbons bright shred
In myself I braid your hair
I do not read funerals lines:
-Lish home alive I’m waiting for you!

Lord, I ask you again:
-Miloserden be him, I pray!
Will every moment I say:
-More life I love him!

sneaked day after day, year.
unknown. Fear. The days flew by.
repeats standing at the window:
-Bozhe my keep, keep it!

became deserted frontage days.
sun illuminated the old garden.
Silence. Familiar steps.
-I returned, dear, back!

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