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Harness the Power of the T23E3 Nomad
2016-06-30 20:00:00 / Premium Shop

The T23E3 Nomad has remained classified for decades — until now! Part of a top-secret program in the Nevada desert, the Nomad saw limited combat, but is sure to become a legend in Blitz. We’ll be revealing more about this enigmatic tier VIII medium tank in the days to come, but what’s clear is that its speed, firepower and camo make it a great addition to your Garage!

The “Legendary Camo: ‘Nomad’ for T23E3” bundle does not include the T23E3, only its “Nomad” Legendary camouflage and 50,000. 

Begins July 1, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends July 15, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET

T23E3 Premium Bundle – $24.99 T23E3

Garage Slot

Legendary Camouflage Unlock: “Nomad”

500 FREE

100,000 FREE

T23E3 – $16.99 T23E3

Garage Slot

1 Day of Premium Time

Legendary Camo: ‘Nomad” for T23E3 – $9.99

Legendary Camouflage Unlock: “Nomad”

50,000 FREE



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