Heavy Loaded

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Heavy Loaded
2015-08-20 09:04:00 / Events

This weekend, pick up discounted equipment and go head-to-head in heavy tanks to complete a rewarding mission. If you’re looking to add to your tank tonnage, take a look at the great discount deals on two fearsome Premium heavy tanks. Good hunting, tankers!

Starts: Friday, August 21, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET
Ends: Monday, August 24, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET 20% Credit Discount on Equipment!
Premium Discounts

Churchill III 2,400 1,200 50% Discount
3,100 2,170 30% Discount

Mission: Big Hunt

Playing as a heavy tank, destroy five (5) enemy heavy tanks over any number of winning battles.

Reward: 2,000 XP on your heavy tank that completes the mission requirements by destroying the fifth and final enemy heavy tank.

Can be completed once per day per account in tier IV-X heavy tanks.

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