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Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/1/FV4005_preview/

Hello everyone,

this article came up on Russian server portal and I think it’s kinda nice, so here’s a sum of what was in it. The FV4005 Stage 2 is the upcoming tier 10 tank destroyer. Here are its basic characteristics, which – since they appeared on the portal – are likely final:

– speed: 35 km/h
– hitpoints: 1850
– gun alpha: 1150


Wargaming characterizes the vehicle as such:

– gun: “183mm of total firepower. The large gun allows you to deal huge amount of alpha damage to practically any enemy”
– HESH-shells: “high amount penetration and awesome damage make this machine a formidable opponent, capable of single-handedly tipping the battle in your favour.”
– psychological factor: “even the peresence of this vehicle on certain maps can blunt your opponent’s initiative”
– good traverse: “even though the turret doesn’t traverse 360 degrees, the traverse angles are more than enough”

– “relatively good mobility allows you to change your position without too much trouble, if the flow of battle requires your presence elsewhere”
– more comfortable gun compared to the FV215b 183 – “accuracy and aimtime allow you to comfortably fire at long range”
– weak turret armor – “14 milimeters. Mere anti-bullet armor seriously hampers the survivability of this vehicle on tier 10. The HE shells are the source of the worst danger.”
– large size – “resulting in not exactly the best camouflage. The enemy will target you as soon as you get spotted. Therefore, you have to choose your position very carefully.”
– low DPM – “the awesome alpha is compensated by low rate of fire. Therefore, in order to play effectively, you have to be careful and responsible with every shot”

Following this WG “analysis”, there are two pictures, comparing the FV215b 183 and FV4005, I don’t think they need much explanation.



There are also the armor schematics and changes for the FV215b (183)


As you can see, the turret got buffed (hull did not).

Anyway, FV4005 – Wargaming suggests following skill for the crew:

Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, BIA
Gunner: Snap Shot, Repair, BIA
Driver: Smooth Ride, Repair, BIA
Loader: Safe Stowage, Repair, BIA
Loader: Adrenaline Rush, Repair, BIA

WG recommends following equipment: Ventilation, Rammer, Enhanced Gun-Laying Drive

As a conclusion, WG recommends to play the vehicle as a sniper (surprise)…

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