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Hello Warriors,

if you are on EU, want to win some gold?
One of the new Community Managers for WG EU, MrConway has started a contest and this is what he has to say:

This week we will have a battle of titans! Our old faithful derp-mobile, the KV-2, will be facing off against the Emperors one-shot-wonder, the O-I.

Whoever can manage to score the most kills in the KV-2 or the O-I will take home victory and a bag full of gold.

However, a kill only counts towards the total if you kill it with a single shot. A tank which you have to shoot more than once is excluded from the total. Tanks that were damaged by team mates count, as long as you fired the killing shot.

If kills are equal, the player with a higher amount of damage dealt wins.


The winner is the player with the most kills scored in a single battle You must play the KV-2, or O-I tier VI heavy tanks The battle has to have taken place between the 30/09/2015 and the 14/10/2015 Submissions have to be made before the 15th of October Only random battles are allowed You must not be in a platoon You have to have no damage caused to allies You can enter as many times as you like. Simply edit your reply to the thread with a new result, however only your best submission is counted. You need to provide a full screenshot of the first page of the battle results and the detailed report, as well as upload your replay to http://wotreplays.eu/ with a link in the post. In case of a tie, the player with the highest amount of damage will win All non-related posts will be deleted The winners will be announced in this forum thread This contest is only open to players with an EU account


1st Place: 4500 gold + bonus code 2nd Place: 3000 gold + bonus code 3rd Place: 2000 gold + bonus code 4th place: 750 gold + bonus code 5th Place: 500 gold + bonus code 6th – 10th Place: Bonus code
Note: The prize bonus codes include: T-127 + slot + 300 gold + 3 days premium

If you have or get some good replays send them over to MrConway in the forums. Free gold doesn’t hurt. :)

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