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Here is a long-awaited paper model KV-122. This tank in a game called KV-85, in the past he was a top modification of the famous “Kvas” KV-1C. Who is the most powerful version of the tank in the game is equipped with a 122-mm gun D2-5T, in full compliance with the history of tank development. HF-122 was an experimental machine and attempt to increase the firepower of the KV-85 by installation of a new tower and guns.

Paper Model KV-122 fits this experimental tank with a gun equipped with a second embodiment of the muzzle brake, then became serial for gun D2-5T. The brochure “Bronekorobochka” you will find two versions of the model: in the standard green color in winter. Complements the booklet sheet with options emblems clans fighting in the Third campaign “The Great War” dedicated to the centenary since the beginning of the First World War.

Brochure KV-122 “Model of the tank” includes not only the detail of a paper model of a combat vehicle, but also diorama “Hangar”, reproducing the familiar corner of your tank hangar in the New Year decoration with posters, banners and the Christmas tree!

Model KV-122 Series “Bronekorobochka” going easily and quickly – in just a couple of evenings. To recreate the look of an armored vehicle used textures and camouflage of World of Tanks, archival drawings and photographs.

In the “Simulation” from December 19, you expect competition for assembly models from the series “Bronekorobochka.” The terms of the contest, you can find here . Please note that for prizes, participants, in addition to the game gold, will receive special diplomas.

Do not forget to share photos assembled models! In addition, if you want to build a model of any other tank or get advice from experienced modelers send photos of models and leave their wishes on the official forum of the game in the “M Modelling the” .

Models of the series “The layout of the tank” and “Bronekorobochka” developed by experts Site World of Papertanks .

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