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Source: http://wot.kongzhong.com/zixun/banben/20141105/22012.html

Hello everyone,

first, many thanks to Chinese player Hesitation_Snow for sharing this piece of information. Basically, in 0.9.4, a new option was introduced to Chinese server – you can now hire premium tanks for a limited time. Now, as you probably know already, Chinese server is very special – it’s kept separate from the usual Wargaming servers and is license-operated by a Chinese company called Kongzhong, who basically just bought the license to operate World of Tanks from Wargaming.

The policies on such features are decided by the Chinese and the server thus has many unique features (and definitely more pay to win) than the regular main servers. Thus, it’s not known, whether this feature will make it to the regular servers, or it’s a Chinese exclusive thing. The basic points are this:

– players can hire tier 2 to tier 7 premium tanks for a limited time for gold
– maximum hire time is one month
– in the example, Churchill III (tier 5) can be hired for a month for 380 gold

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