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everyone’s doing this lately, so I guess I have to do it as well. In late 2013, Wargaming made a video, that was released on 31.12.2014, with SerB explaining how World of Tanks will look in 2014. So, how right was SerB a year ago?


– “massive rework of the graphics” – that didn’t work very well.
– HD tanks – instead of “all of the tanks” SerB mentioned, we got how much? 30? Plus, as the HD models rolled in, WG decided to reduce the texture quality from the earlier ones. No ultra HD texture packs for us either. How terrible.
– HD environment? Maybe in SerB’s dreams.
– independent suspension on HD models – this was successfully implemented, on HD models. All 30 (out of 300 or so) of them.
– Havok – right, maybe in 2015, maybe (WG ran into performance issues – surprisingly, making a physics engine run on the junk Russian players use doesn’t work so well)
– turrets blown off – that was successfully implemented
– improvement of clanwars – was CW improved? I don’t think so… there were campaigns though
– historical battles – ended in complete failure, awaiting massive (PvE) overhaul

– strongholds – implemented successfully
– garage battles – nope, nothing. SerB mentioned respawning in historical battles or tier 10 garage mode, neither of which was implemented
– Japanese heavy tank – nope and won’t likely come in 2015 either. SerB sure was right about the
– alternative hulls – nope (plus, this idea is strange anyway and useful only for a couple of tanks with shitloads of variants, like Panzer III, IV, Sherman, T-34 and so on)
– 9.0 “optimization” – well, we all know how well THAT went

You know, something tells me that SerB will not be making another such a video for 2015…

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