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Hello everyone,

okay, this is not a serious article, but something Yuri Pasholok made a video of. Check this out – this is Yuri Pasholok, holding a 48 kilogram SU-152 (ML-20) shell.


He’s saying (the first part is hard to hear):

“…this is a 152mm shell from the stock version of the SU-152 SPG. It weighs roughly 48 kilograms. Gentlemen of the game balance department: we, who work in the museum would really like you to tell us – how can you not penetrate with THIS? Thank you.”

Funnily enough, Storm replied with:

“….and this is the guy, who told me on Skype that if the historicity messes up gameplay, then fuck historicity”

on which Yuri Pasholok reacted:

“This is not gameplay, this is ‘patented damage model’. Often fucked up. The fucked up mechanism has even been known for a long time.”

And as a bonus, Yuri Pasholok posted two pictures:

“Didn’t penetrate their armor” (a non-penetrating hit by a 152mm shell at Ferdinand frontal armor that just ripped it apart)

“Ricochet” (this happened to a Panther at 1200 meters, same gun, the shell ricocheted but the hit was still devastating)

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