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Как активировать оленемер

News about fashion “Olenemer” for World Tanks 0.9. 4


B WoT 0.9.4 for the use of statistics in fashion “Olenemer” necessary activate the opportunity to display it. This operation should be carried out on a specially created website, every 14 days. If you do not activate (includes display) statistics, in the game you will not see it. The other possibility would be to work fashion.

What additional registration or on a special website does not require any of your data, except gaming nick are not needed. The procedure is free! A lot of time you do not take. For authorization technology is used Wargaming.net OpenID as sites res-mods.ru, wotreplays.ru. One condition – in your browser must be enabled cookies .

Enabling XVM statistics in the World Tanks 0.9.4

    Go to the specially created website modxvm.com in the upper-right corner, click “Enter” , then select the game region in which you play the MMO game «World of Tanks» .

XVM stat

  • Then you will transfer automatically to the official website wargaming.net, where you need enter e-mail and password that you use to log into the game. Wargaming.net site is specifically designed for secure authorization friendly resources.

XVM stat

  • After entering the e-mail and password (if you were logged in on the site, the previous point you can not see), you must agree with the fact that Only your nickname (player name) will be transferred to the site account.modxvm.com and nothing more .

XVM stat

  • Service Wargaming.net OpenID automatically will transfer you to the website fashion XVM, where you can enable access to the statistics display in fashion XVM for your player name.

XVM stat

  • Now you will see the validity period of your access to statistics and on its completion you can extend your access again.

XVM stat

And only now, in the game you’ll see the statistics for all players to your favorite interest and efficiency (if display statistics enabled and configured in your configuration mode XVM )

Activation of statistics on different machines

If you play with your nickname on different computers, for example at home and at work (not is welcomed) – you need to activate the statistics for each of them. To do this before starting the game, go to the same website specially created fashion, and click on the “Add a client.”

Enable statistics in the configuration file fashion XVM

If you downloaded and installed the mod XVM for “World of Tanks” with other resources – you need to include in the statistics showing the configuration file:

  • in the res_mods xvm configs rename the folder Default into something else, such as your nickname (let it be ivanmaus ).
  • In the folder res_mods xvm configs rename the file xvm.xc.sample in xvm .xc

  • In the file res_mods xvm configs xvm.xc , which you get after renaming, specify the path to your configuration: $ {« ivanmaus @ xvm.xc»: ».»} instead of the standard $ {«Default @ xvm.xc»: ».»}
  • In the file res_mods xvm configs ivanmaus rating.xc change showPlayersStatistics on true (default is false).
  • If you are already using some kind of configuration, find in files string showPlayersStatistics and change the value to false true
  • Also note that the location was changed the boot configuration file. Now it should be in the following path: res_mods xvm configs xvm.xc, and not res_mods xvm xvm.xc, as it was in previous versions. When transferring files xvm.xc in a new location, be sure to change it in the path to your configuration file, if necessary (most likely out of the way you will need to remove the configs).

Do not even ask me Why sirmax, iBat with companions decided to do the activation statistics XVM. There are several reasons!

Good luck!

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