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Rugged Tower, stubborn forehead, insidious side – Meet, this IS-4. Soviet heavy tank levels – a dangerous opponent, especially in the hands of a seasoned player, and a collision with it often ends up going to the hangar. How to counter this tank and what to do to overcome it alone, or at least survive until reinforcements? How to do it all on the technique, which is below the IS-4 in terms of? This is what we now describe.

How dangerous IS-4?

Wide stocky body and rounded tower with a menacing machine gun and gun with a very modern appearance.
In view of the EC-D – this is the perfect incarnation of the Soviet heavy tank. You could even say that the fearsome appearance – the first danger posed by this machine. But effective appearance – not all, the tank has other virtues with which to be reckoned.

Very strong tower and a good book make circular EC-4 of this problem in the field, especially if the commander took the position correctly. Due to the strong side of the tank can confidently deal with the most dangerous opponents, until then not paying attention to the weaker technique.
Punch IS-4 is not easy, often it is not clear in what place better to shoot to certain harm. And after the first “no penetration” and does tanker can get confused.
Many tanks VIII level (especially medium) often can not hit the IS-4, even when shooting into the side, if you do a shot in the distance and the angle of penetration of the projectile at least a little more 90 degrees.


tank gun has high armor penetration. Regular variation with complete information – 0.38 m. This is not the best indicator for X level, but in most cases lack precision. Armor-piercing shell breaks 258 mm armor and cumulative – 340 mm. Therefore hoped that shot IS-4 does not inflict damage to you, you can, but not necessary. Recharges gun a little more than 10 seconds. This means that its 440 points of damage IS-4 will be applied more often than most opponents VIII-IX level.
Large margin of safety of the tank – this is one of your main concerns. If you are opposed to the IS-4 on the technique of the lower level, the exchange of shots will certainly not in your favor.

inhabited by IS-4

experienced commander to drive a tank, taking into account its advantages and disadvantages. IS-4 – heavy and not the fastest car, so most of it is found on city streets, narrow passages and places that provide protection against artillery fire.
This “geography” of habitat can be defined for many heavy tanks. But the IS-4 has a particularly distinctive place for him – it’s such a position where you can play “on board” or “tank tower.”

How to break the IS-4

Penetration individual elements of the reservation, depending on the characteristics of guns

position “Invulnerability”

most unpleasant meeting with IS-4 – when he took a comfortable position, hid the body and firing with impunity, showing only the tower. If your instrument is not able to overpower the 300 mm armor of the enemy, you can either try to cause damage to the roof of the tower (the commander hatch) or … withdraw. “Smoked” IS-4 from their homes alone – a bad idea.

There have IS-4 and another version of the “position of invulnerability”: the commanders of these tanks are very fond of the place with a few rough terrain. Standing behind a small hill and taking shells tower, IS-4 is becoming a major threat to the entire sector of fire. To reverse the situation, you need to seek assistance from artillery or leave the “lit up” and bypass the enemy on the other side. In no case do not take the rules of the game, which imposes a Soviet tank commander.

Seeing the IS-4 in such situations, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation. What can you do? Maybe the team is ACS, which can drive the enemy out of his “nest”? Perhaps your allies break through the adjacent IS-4 from the site, and he is about to be forced himself to leave the shelter? Retreat is worth at least to check the IP commander-D on endurance: he can not endure and get to where you can shoot. And this is exactly what you need.

“hot spots” of the tank

Combat Tactics

Not always and not on all maps for the IS-4 has a suitable shelter. And especially do not always make sense to hold these positions, because every random battle takes place on a similar, but very different in detail scenarios. However, if the card is urban development, look for the IS-4 there.

roof of the tower hatch and commander to break easily, but bounce off the roof happen very often, and get into the hatch is not easy, especially if the IS-4 maneuvers during recharge
Another weak spot – the mask tools to the right of the barrel. Just do not shoot here cumulative projectile: the mask work as a screen and will assume the damage
Forehead tower amenable only to the most powerful tool
If the player to explore the IS-4, it is logical to assume that the crew of the tank has at least three skills, and one of them – “Repair”. This means that the enemy will return mobility before recharge gun heavy tank or Tank Destroyers, so these classes on machines does not make sense to spend a bomb on the tracks, if this is not expected from a particular outcome (eg, self-artillery salvo on stationary tank).

At a meeting in the open field the key to success – is shooting in the lower frontal part (NLD), if IS-4 is turned to you forehead. Is hiding his commander would try to at the time your tank was shot “diamond”, increasing the angle of penetration of the projectile. Even if your guns 270 mm penetration, should aim for sure: the proximal part of the NLD to you most likely will break. All other vulnerabilities suggested to leave in case if the lower frontal part of the enemy is hidden.

The element of medium and light tanks – a movement and maneuver. Bring down the tracks and fire side and stern. If you are logged in IS-4 in the side, not in a hurry to shoot if your instrument has a weak breaks. A slight deviation from the right angle hit – and the chances of defeating the enemy fall sharply. Also heavily shelled amenable side of the tower, and for some guns and its rear end is irresistible.



Perhaps this is all that can be told about the destruction of the IS-4. In parting, give advice is especially true for medium tanks, Fight against the IS-4 alone, because World of Tanks – this is a team game.

This article is taken from the magazine «World of Tanks Magazine» № 2

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