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Как заработать голды в WoT (World of tanks)?
Hi guys! How to have fun not only in the MMO game “World of Tanks”, but also to earn game currency in the WoT?

Many tankers often wonder, “How do your favorite tank in the game without a donation?”

[1999003 ] to spend real money to buy game currency (Gold in the “World of Tanks”) do not want to, but quickly “pump” want everything. And with a premium account feel at ease on the battlefield. Not to mention goldovye ammunition and consumables. That’s why today I want to tell you about how to earn game currency “playfully” , and in the truest sense of the word. And it’s free!

Service WASDclub.com – this is your opportunity to get currency without donation favorite games

Everything is simple: you register on the site [ 1999016] and start doing the job posted there. For each job you are awarded “Rcika” – the local currency of the site. These Rcika you can withdraw in the currency of your favorite games, including “World of Tanks”, in social networks, or even real money – on a cell phone bill or on virtual wallets.
Как заработать голды в WoT

List of games working with WASDClub – is impressive: World of Tanks, Aion, Farm, neighbors, and it is only a small part of a huge list of partners of the resource. In addition, with the help of Rcika can replenish your account with Steam. Note: Some games have a decent amount, and it may turn out that game download via torrent will be released soon. The faster you will download and install the game – the more Rcika and hence Golda in WoT you will receive.

Quest for WASDClub – for every taste, from the achievements in the game to a certain level to view video or likes VKontakte.

Performance of tasks – not the only way to make money online WASDClub.com: inviting his friends to a resource, you will get even more Rcika and participating in numerous competitions in group WASD network VKontakte – not only show all your creativity, but also recharge your account on wasdclub.com

Join WASDClub [1999016 ] and invite your friends. It’ll be fun!

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