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To record repeated battle, follow these steps

Activate the “Record fights to play” on the “Play” game settings.

Как воспроизвести запись боя?

Note: in the game update 8.10 adds the ability to choose the method of recording replay the fight: Now you can record either all the fights in a row, or only played the last fight. At the same time after the launch of a new battle replay old battle will be deleted.

To see a record of combat, close the game client. Open the folder where the game is installed (by default c: GamesWorld_of_Tanks), and in it find the folder replays. In this folder, the files are stored records of the game.

Как воспроизвести запись боя?

Run replay the game that has the form * .wotreplay (eg, 20111211_1916_germany-Lowe_ruinberg.wotreplay). If the screen you will see the message of the operating system that the file open fails, select the action “Selecting a program from the list of installed programs,” and then click OK.

Как воспроизвести запись боя?

Click the Browse … button in the window that appears.

Как воспроизвести запись боя?

Next, locate the file WorldOfTanks.exe a folder with a game client (by default – C: GamesWorld_of_Tanks) and click Open.

Как воспроизвести запись боя?

After that, click OK in the “Select program” (see. Above). After a while will repeat the previously recorded battlefield.

To browse other repetitive fights, no need to repeat the steps above, simply run the file view the fights (* .replay).

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