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Как противостоять плазмаганам (FV183, WT E 100, Revolver Tanks) в WoT?
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Komrad Red_Comissar_of_Stalin clan [CAIM] Caimans gash fit guide to counteract plasma gun. What is it, how to fight it – read his material.

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Draining fight with zero damage in an MMO game “World of Tanks” – an unpleasant event, because it is essentially negates taschunskih several fights with a bunch of frags and damage. As you know, a sign of excellence – stability. Good results should be shown in every fight , preferably without exception.

What is the reason for merging with low damage, and how to avoid them?

Last time in the game appears more and more technology firepower which allows you to send a single charge in the hangar 10 medium tank level. Such tools are usually called plasma gun .
At the start of the battle need myself to emphasize the presence of plasma gun at the opposing team, and take precautions.

FV215b (183)

FV215b (183)
Contact with arc of fire that threatens PT instant care in the hangar. Even if you are lucky, and vanshota will not, anyway drag fight at half-dead tank will be extremely problematic. Therefore, the following precautions are recommended:

Delay active gameplay to the point where you will know exactly where it is FV 183, and what exactly it is doing now. Find out it’s own – extremely disadvantageous event. Is much safer to wait until FV 183 find allies, it will give itself the first time you finished firing on one of the allies.

After that, you can decide either to go to the other wing, where there is no FV 183, or bypass and zaguslit it if the situation permits.

Waffenträger auf E 100

Waffenträger auf E 100
This unit is less dangerous, especially because usually its location is revealed earlier. And if it is not, in general, you can guess in what squares it can hide. In addition, he does not shoot hash land mines, which means it can be tank shells (with due course of luck, because even against such a breakdown tower T-62A does not give guarantees.)

However, getting into the zone of fire PT this same fatal, primarily due to caterpillars. As you know, the drums are very lucky to have the shooting down of caterpillars, and repair kit in this case does not help, because it is only one, but five shells at the wafer.

There importantly avoided those areas where there may be a direct cross from waffles and fight only where you are guaranteed safe from it. Often, it is once again forced to resign from active gameplay from time to time to give a victory to the enemy, simply because he has a drum – do not want.

Other barrel tanks

Прочие барабанные танки
In general, the main danger drum tanks is that the players are not thinking at all, or very little thought. The presence of the drum gives them a sense of omnipotence, and they can not wait to shoot all urgently on the first number. The most annoying thing is that it has a real basis. Meet the drum tank alone – usually means that you have already played. Therefore, if the drum tanks is important to exclude the possibility of sudden meeting with them. It is important not to take independent action if there is a possibility that you may encounter drum tank. Should stay in the group of allies, but remember that their presence near me does not guarantee anything.

If you have a good article and / or icon clan, you have become accustomed to what you constantly “uparyvayutsya.”

Uparyvatsya – which means trying to destroy a specific enemy tank, or at least inflict damage at all costs, no matter what, even on its own drain the tank.
So, the problem is that even if you are under the guise of allies, drum anyway you can uporotyh, and allies are not physically able to protect you, because every ally can fire only once, and drummer uparyvayuschiysya You will have time to plant in the entire reel before you recharge allies guns. Himself drum tank after uparyvaniya not survive, but that is little consolation.

If you knocked drummer caterpillar, and you have a shelter within walking distance – do not waste Kit immediately, because the next shot will likely also go astray psaltery and Remco will be gone. Chinites immediately after the second shot, so that you have a full time CD inside the drum to care for shelter.

T57 Heavy

Т57 Heavy
The main danger lies in the that for 22 seconds cooldown drum T57 Heavy, a single tank with cyclic recharging will not have time to shave his 2200 hit points. 22 seconds – it is just twice greater than that of the EC-7 catches one shell. Therefore, the players on the T57 Heavy uparyvayutsya especially happy, because they know that even if there is no one to cover for the CD, anyway, no one has time to disassemble them, and most of them do not.

Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of meeting T57 Neavu alone. It is important to understand that we are not talking about a direct hit in the chamber, and in general, any meeting. Because if you have a shelter, some hill or a building – it does not protect you. T57 just go to you, and do not care about it that you have it prodamazhite during rendezvous, he patiently words from you plop, and then just crawl into your cover and shoot the drum. Loss of his own HP with little concern.

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
There generally all bad. Firstly, it sends CT10 hangar with one drum. Second is the fastest tank 10 level, and if he wants you uporotyh – distance is not an obstacle to it, come and uporetsya.

In addition to general recommendations, it should be noted the following:

  • speed allows batshatu uporotyh you at the very beginning of the game. Therefore, in the presence of his opponent in the setup should refrain from taking a leading position alone, because while slower allies to you tightened, batshat have time to uporotyh.
  • If he’s still on you uporolsya, we must act as follows:
  • If he makes one shot without damage – you survive, it is complicated by the fire with all available means, use it weak maneuverability, lace, turn to him overboard with dovorotom – there is a chance that he will shoot lower clearance, and to be rebounding from frontal armor.
  • If he came to you and started shooting standing still – bring down the caterpillar, then shoot down the second, that he did not have the repair kit. If he shoots in motion – not psaltery it right, there is a chance that because of the variation in the movement he promahnёtsya, psaltery, only after a miss.


Yes, we want more active gameplay, and more opportunities for aggressive play, the offensive against the enemy, and not defensive. But especially game balance is such that it is not possible for any the setup. Here and in the patch 9.5 will add another FET with a gun on FV183, and if we want to win – has to adapt to the presence of a large number of plasma gun game.

Though the gameplay and it becomes boring but that does not make for the sake of victory.


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