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Как стреляют системы залпового огня Град и Ураган

multiple launch rocket systems “Hurricane” [1999007 ]

9P140 combat vehicle made on the chassis of a vehicle with high cross chetyrehosnogo ZIL-135LM (8×8). Artillery unit includes a package of sixteen tubular rails, the swivel base with the mechanisms of induction and iron sights, as well as electrical and hydraulic equipment.
photos and text Anton Petrus
[1999015 ] Армия (14)
3: Calculation of the combat vehicle – 6 people (in peacetime – 4): BM commander, gunner (senior gunner), a driver, crew member (3 people).
When driving on the highway with a full load the car can reach speeds of 65 km / h, fuel range – 570 km. The capacity of the main tank capacity – 300 liters, there are two additional 100 liters. Without preparation fording depth of 1.2 m.
Армия (15)
4 firing range
minimum, m – 8000
Max, m – 35 000 [1999009 ] Lesion area, sq.m – 426 000

At this time, planned shooting at a distance of 8.5 kilometers, polpaketa – 8 missiles
Армия (16)
5. I was allowed to climb up and look into the face of death. Friends, I will tell you that sticking out of the guide shells look very creepy … Cassette shell, that is in the air, he will split, allowing cover a large area. One such blank covers several football fields ….
Армия (17)
6 By process of elimination, I came to the conclusion that the hurricane was charged with a missile 9M27K submunitions with fragmentation submunitions. Intended to engage manpower and unarmored vehicles in their places of concentration.
Weight: shell – 271 kg warhead – 89.5 kg, combat element – 1.85 kg explosive BE – 0.3 kg. [1999009 ] Length – 5178 mm.
Number of fragmentation bomblets (BE) – 30 pcs.
Number of finished hitting one of the fragments of EB – 350 pcs.
punched steel sheet thickness: at a distance of 10 m – 6 mm, on 50 m – 3.5 mm at a distance of 100 m – 2 mm.
Time self-destruct BE – 110.
Range: maximum – 35 minimum – 7.5
[ 1999049]
Here are 7 to this setting no longer wanted podohodyat close. When sounded already familiar command “333” and Hurricane suddenly started spitting fire, really wanted to dig into the fertile soil of the Belarusian fields. In deeper. Guys, I have another week went by experience. This is pure horror. No, not clean. It is a wild mixture of horror and admiration. A hundred meters from the volley vozdh move. It was a roar of projectile that flew with the wild speed of the guide .. We like turtles hid his shoulders, and tight-pressed to face camera
Армия (19)
8 Deafening Roar shells gipnoitiziroval . At this point I zavidovall fighter by pressing the button (pulled the lever, I do not know that there is)
Армия (20)
9 Polpaketa flew almost immediately, but those few seconds seemed somehow very long. It’s fucking awesome, frightening and admire the spectacle. Then I’ve tried to describe the words and sounds that this volley of “Hurricane”, but apart from the wild sounds nothing could not publish))
Армия (21)
10 Here oni- shells fly to the target . A few moments later was heard as they fall to the ground. Never, not for the world, I would not want to be on this site .. There’s just as much at the time was the fall .. And you can not hide
Армия (22)

[ 1999006] multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”

11. Slightly stunned, we moved again, this time to the “Castle”. Well, we already grated guys have all seen all know
Армия (23)
12 BelGrad – analogue Castle, but based on the MAZ. The fact that the MAZ-6317 is almost twice the length of the loading platform compared to the “Ural-375D” (6250 and 3900 mm, respectively). Saving a classic layout with seating in the aft part of the artillery launcher possible to establish between the cab and the artillery part racks for 40 missiles (also addressed option racks on 80 rounds) to recharge the launcher without the use of transport and loading vehicle and thus reduce the time to prepare second salvo.
Армия (27)
13 Beside each calculation was dug trench, where we immediately dived Vova. Soldier with a puzzled look on the invasion of unknowns)
Армия (24)
14 And as if seen start “Hurricane”, but at such a distance – about 20 meters – still wanted to dig in the sand. And then shot all the settings. Buzz was incredible!
Армия (25)
15 And so it went in the first half of the Belarusian army. It was powerful. Incredible. Scary. In moments of starting terribly jealous of pressing the button.
The only thing I will add – let all these weapons will only be used for exercises. I am sure that together we will live in peace if priolozhim little effort ..
Армия (26)

immense gratitude and kowtow: Chief of Military Information Agency “Vayar” A . Shubaderovu Yu, the organizer and inspirer of our trip. Soldiers and officers, who have suffered and we were allowed to be present at the shootings.

Thank you very much!

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