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Hello everyone,

I am sure all of you are aware of the Ukraine crisis and the sanctions the western world has imposed upon Russia as a result. This is where it gets a bit complicated, but basically – based on this sanctions, combined with questionable Russian monetary policy, the exchange rate of Russian ruble dropped drastically. As a result, for Russian players of both War Thunder and World of Tanks, the prices actually seriously increased, as both companies have the prices tied to US Dollar.

Unlike Wargaming, that was smart enough not announce this stuff publicly on the portal and simply showed the prices on RU server with the fluctuations in mind, Gaijin (War Thunder producer) announced price increases all across the board publicly yesterday.

The price increases in rubles are significant and that’s putting it mildly. For example, the prices of “golden eagles” (equivalent of WG gold):

150 GE from 29,92 to 44,99
500 GE from 99,03 to 129
1000 GE from 179,1 to 259
2500 GE from 440,05 to 599
5000 GE from 799 to 1099
10000 GE from 1549,04 to 2099
15000 GE from 2199,4 to 3049
20000 GE from 2900,2 to 3999
25000 Ge from 3499,03 to 4899

Etc. (full list in the link).

Naturally, a huge shitstorm arose on Gaijin forums, with players pledging never to buy anything ever again, saying that it’s too expensive etc. I can only imagine the amount of rage such a post would cause on RU forums…

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