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Alright guys, something more amusing for you.

T-72 Leopard 1 hybrd

Is this a fake? No sir, it’s a render of a project that actually really existed – a Leopard 1 hull with T-72 turret. Why? For the glory of Satan of course!

Okay, not really. Basically, what happened was that after the German re-unification in 1990, the former East-German Nationale Volksarmee (National People’s Army) was absorbed into Bundeswehr. One of the issues the Germans faced was a large number of incompatible Russian equipment (well, technically a lot of the East German stuff was made in Czechoslovakia and Poland but you get the drift). Some older vehicles were sold to third parties, some were scrapped. One idea, however, was to utilize old Leopard 1 hull along with T-72 turrets to produce such a hybrid for export. Needless to say, it’s an odd idea that never really happened – the hybrid was never built and all attempts to market it failed fairly quickly.

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