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Impeccable German Accuracy
2017-03-23 11:00:00 / Premium Shop
German Precision!

Now’s the time to choose between two great German tanks! The tier VIII Panther 8.8 is perfect for causing havok on your opponent’s flank — use it in a Platoon to keep your enemies on the defensive. Meanwhile, the VK 45.03 was a concept vehicle, but lives on as a tier VII heavy tank in Blitz! Its gun handling will keep your foes cowering.

Begins March 24, 03:00 PT / 06:00 ET
Ends Mar. 31, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET

Panther 8.8 – $34.99 Panther 8.8

Garage Slot


50x Large Combat XP Boosters (+90%)
50x Large Crew XP  Boosters (+250%)
50x Large Free XP  Boosters (+500%)

VK 45.03 – $24.99 VK 45.03

Garage Slot


25x Large Combat XP Boosters (+90%)
25x Large Crew XP  Boosters (+250%)
25x Large Free XP  Boosters (+500%)

All prices listed above are in USD. Actual pricing depending on your location may differ.

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