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Hello everyone,

when you browse various internet pages and youtube channels looking for footage from fighting in Syria, you will find a lot of very interesting and educational videos, often in their raw form, but also with various commentaries. Possibly my favourite channel is called “Tanks in Space“, posting footage of the fighting from Syrian army tanks, equipped with GoPro cameras with Russian commentary (and subtitles). These tanks are fighting the terrorists in the ruins of Syrian cities – not a good place to be for a tank!

In the following video taken near Jobar, the army was trying to oust the terrorists from their entrenched positions. This dramatic video contains several interesting moments. For one, the tank with the camera gets hit several times (noone of the tankers got hurt) – the reactive armor destroys one warhead, but then the tank is hit from the side by another RPG and is disabled, as its oil piping is cut, immobilizing the armored vehicle. Another tank rushes in protecting it, shelling the terrorists with fire and helping an ARV to hook the disabled tank and tow it away. At the end of the video, you can clearly see the damage done to the vehicle (the signature small “holes” the HEAT projectile cause in the turret).

Say what you want, but the T-72 is a durable beast. Thanks to Looser (I think it was him) who first posted the video.


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