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Improved Winter Malinovka in Update 2.8
2016-03-31 19:00:00 / News

You’ll see a new and improved Winter Malinovka once Update 2.8 arrives next month. The original version of the map had some problems, which we discussed in an earlier Developer Diary, and we’ve decided to rework it for a better battle experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the major issues we’ve identified with the map and what we’ve done to remedy them.

Too Many Draws

We found players would often spend too much time at the edges of the map, resulting in an above-average number of draws. To fix this, we’ve tried to pull players off the sidelines and concentrate battles for decisive results.

Narrow Tactical Options

Winter Malinovka previously offered limited “safe” routes that resulted in head-on rushes in the same direction. Our efforts to improve this involve modifying the mountains in the game to provide more cover and offer more tactical options, while making the medium tank zone more playable.

Long-Distance Fire

On the old version of the map, tank destroyers were able to control the map from their spawn points with long-range, uninterrupted fire. As a result, we’ve restricted tank destroyer spawns and forced them to move out of those areas to engage the enemy, while reducing the number of positions ideal for long-distance sniping.

Lack of Support

Previously the lack of corridors between zones and the difficulty of moving around the map quickly inhibited teammates from assisting their allies. To tackle this we’ve removed most of the water from the medium tank zone, added more pathways between zones and dispersed the vehicle spawns.

We hope that these changes will improve gameplay on Winter Malinovka, look for the revised map with Update 2.8!

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