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Dear players, December 24 at 15:00 (GMT) in the test mode Operating the server returned RU4, which will help to improve the quality of communication to players residing in the central part of Russia. Players who live in the surrounding areas of the territory, may also notice an improvement values ​​ping in the game.

Statistics on the server RU4 collected automatically, so all who wish to participate in the testing need to just play on this server .

Important! Please note that the value of ping for the game server can be changed both for the better and for the worse until the end of the test. It is also possible that the first time after the start of testing on the game server will be a small number of players, in connection with which the waiting time of the battle may be slightly increased.

We continue to work on improving the quality of communication with our game servers to all players equally able to enjoy a comfortable game of World of Tanks.

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