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Increase Earnings of Your Favorite Vehicle
2017-02-16 19:00:00 / News

If you have a favorite researchable vehicle, what’s left to do after unlocking the modules and making it Elite? Maybe you wish it earned more Credits. Update 3.6 has an all-new feature we call “Vehicle Enrichment,” which will increase tech tree vehicles’ Credit earnings.

Find the enrichment option on the vehicle upgrade screen, where you can boost earnings with Gold. Battle expenses will remain roughly the same, but net profit will increase.

The stats of researchable vehicles may be adjusted in the future, but profitability of enriched vehicles won’t change.

Enriched vehicles are implemented in two ways: a 14-day enrichment, and a permanent enrichment that for select vehicles.

Temporary Enrichment (14 Days)

Available for all researchable vehicles tiers V-X.

Tier V: 2,200 Tier VI: 2,600 Tier VII: 3,000 Tier VIII: 3,200 Tier IX: 3,400 Tier X: 4,000

Temporary enrichment can’t be extended, suspended or cancelled. The enrichment remains in effect until its duration expires, even if the vehicle is sold.

Permanent Enrichment Tier V Crusader: 4,700 StuG III G: 5,400 VK 30.01 H: 5,200 Churchill I: 4,200 Wolverine: 5,300 Chi-Nu: 4,400 M4: 5,000 Tier VI Churchill GC: 7,200 Chi-To: 8,000 VK 36.01 H: 8,700 Jackson: 9,000 Nashorn: 8,700 SU-100: 9,000 AT 8: 9,200 M4A3E8: 9,200 M6: 9,200 Tier VII AT 7: 14,200 SU-100M1: 19,000 T25 AT: 14,500 KV-3: 14,000 Black Prince: 14,600 Tiger I: 14,700 Tiger (P): 15,200 T25/2: 15,700 Chi-Ri: 13,700 VK 30.02 D: 14,200 Panther: 15,600 Tier VIII T32: 18,300 Centurion I: 18,300 Caernarvon: 17,600 VK 45.02 A: 18,000 Pershing: 19,800 KV-4: 18,400 SU-101: 19,100 STA-1: 20,000 Indien-Pz.: 20,600 Panther II: 19,800 T28 Prot.: 18,500 Ferdinand: 19,500 T-44: 20,200

Permanently enriched vehicles preserve their status even if sold and repurchased.

Don’t see your favorite vehicle on the “permanent” list?
This is the first iteration of the enrichment feature. It may undergo further improvements and expansion.

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