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Independence Day
2015-07-02 12:37:00 / Events

Grab some fireworks and get ready to celebrate a weekend-long x5 XP bonus on your first win! In honor of U.S. Independence Day we’ve got discounts on regular US vehicles (tiers V-VIII) and all Premium vehicles (tiers II-V). Furthermore, the T26E4 Premium medium tank is 15% off!

Starts: Friday, July 3, 04:00 PT/07:00 ET
Ends: Monday, July 6, 04:00 PT/07:00 ET First Win XP Bonus Regular USA Vehicles: Tiers V-VII 30% Credits Discount
Regular USA Vehicles: Tier VIII 20% Credits Discount
Premium Vehicles: Tiers II-V 50% Gold Discount
Premium Vehicle: Tier VIII T26E4 15% Gold Discount Independence Bundle

 T34 Independence | $29.99

American T34 “Independence” (tier VIII)

+ Garage Slot

Seven (7) Days of Premium


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