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And so, individual tasks will be divided into seasons and each season will be a different set of techniques, such as in the first season of the award will be StuG IV, T28 Concept, T55A 260 object (in the same order you will be able to receive them). For each of these tanks, you must perform 5 chain of missions in each mission – 15 jobs. Upon completion of the chain you get a token to get a tank, you need all 5 tokens.

Only after you got one tank, you can proceed to the assignment for the next tank. For assignments will not have to “farm”, and they can be made in one battle, as an example you will need to do more certain amount of damage, or destroy tanks, to light, to cause damage dell’arte or platoon, etc.

This is how it looks now, of course, before the release, can still change.

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