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Hello everyone,

many thanks to German player maXTC for this one. His friend (the name was redacted), who did not touch World of Tanks for an extended period of time (since early summer) recieved the following picture on his game-registered e-mail. Wargaming is clearly trying to lure older players back into the game.

It says: “We want you back!” and offer individual missions to the returning player as such (no time limit for the tasks):

– for simple return and playing one battle: 7 days premium account
– play 15 battles: 10 gold repair kits, 500 gold, 500k credits
– win 10 battles: 10 gold medkits, 500 gold, 500k credits
– gain 25k XP: 10 gold extinguishers, 500 gold, 500k credits

Plus a Dicker Max for free for simply logging in. Now that’s nice of Wargaming, isn’t it…



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