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Hello everyone,

by now, you probably know about the concept of individual missions. Simply put, they are missions that some players have and others don’t. Please don’t confuse it with the upcoming 9.5 feature, the individual missions for all players. The “first round” of these are the missions intended for players, who were inactive for a long time:

– for simple return and playing one battle: 7 days premium account
– play 15 battles: 10 gold repair kits, 500 gold, 500k credits
– win 10 battles: 10 gold medkits, 500 gold, 500k credits
– gain 25k XP: 10 gold extinguishers, 500 gold, 500k credits
– do all the missions above, get Dicker Max

Anyway, you already know that. What you do not know however is that this mission is time limited. It has to be completed until 1.1.2015 – this date seems to be common to all the players, so if you “return” tomorrow, you’ll have one day less to complete it.

Many thanks to maXTC for this info.


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