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Hello everyone,

a curious case happened recently – well, let’s check it out. Player XanRO submitted a replay to me. In it, he was playing artillery and was attempting counter-artillery fire, hunting other arties. That’s always a risky business – either you manage to do it, or not and you end up with nothing to show for.

The replay of the battle can be found here.

As a result of this battle, he recieved a warning for inactivity:


Now, look at this – this is from the list of IM’s (individual/personal missions) from the second round of the test server, specifically artillery missions 7 and 10.

Mission 7: destroy enemy SPG (for T28 it’s 2 SPG’s, for T55A it’s 2 SPG’s and win and for Object it’s 3 SPG’s and win)
Mission 10: Cause damage to an enemy SPG that has not yet been spotted.

Unless you want to ride around shotgunning at the end of the battle, these are counterarty missions. Players attempting them will in best cases screw the gameplay for their team (focusing on finding enemy artillery instead of supporting their own team), in worst case, they’ll get punished for inactivity if they are not successful. Good job, Wargaming.

PS: This post is about flawed IM mechanism, not about “WE HAET ARTY” – I was very lenient with yesterday’s article, but I will ask you NOT to repeat that crap again.

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