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“Infernal Scythe” Maxim. The Birth

A twelve year old boy who lived in 1852 in the American town Sengersvile, very fond of the technique, but was poor and could not afford to buy, for example, the marine chronometer. Then he fashioned his own. Called the boy Hiram Maxim.

After serving in the local detachment of the National Guard, where instead of real training soldiers marched endlessly with brooms, Maxim firmly disliked everything connected with the army. When passed rumors of impending war between the North and the South, Hiram moved to Canada. This saved him from participation in the bloody conflict in the territory of the United States. Curious how the story would’ve firearms if he still took part in it? Would fall on the fields of Gettysburg? Or the legendary Maxim gun would have appeared two decades earlier?

Birth of a legend

Back in the US, in New York, Maxim got an electrical engineer. In those years, the electricity was fashionable novelty, showcasing current generators collected a huge number of spectators. Many of them after the presentation showed that their watches magnetized and stopped. Demagnetize hours helping a special machine, invented by Maxim.

B 1881 engineer moved to the UK. More precisely, he went overseas as a spokesperson for the American Electric Lighting Company to become familiar with European patents and achievements in the electrical industry. But in the end to the end of his days he lived in London.

In Europe, Maxim became interested in designing weapons. He had a chance to shoot a rifle Springfield .45 caliber (11 mm). The recoil was so strong that Maxim involuntarily wondered whether this power can not be spent on something useful? So he came up with the idea of ​​a machine gun, and Hiram made the first step to become a great gunsmith.

While in service has consisted multila kartechnitsy with manual transmission. To recharge them had to turn the handle, like a meat grinder. Kartechnitsy were heavy, not too reliable and had a low rate of fire. Maxim wanted instead of multiple trunks in one weapon was used, and the fire was conducted in a fully automatic mode. Specialists tried to dissuade him from undertaking Hiram: many have tried to construct such weapons, but all attempts failed.

In 1883, Maxim has created a prototype of automatic weapons of their own design. He took the Winchester carbine with lever overcharging and set on his butt spring loaded recoil pad. When fired shotgun shifted relative fore-end, and a special system of levers to transmit energy return on bracket recharge. This weapon has released six bullets in just half a second. And because of the design features of the rifle shop emptied before the shooter managed to keep your finger off the trigger. Present a machine gun was difficult to call it, so that Maxim has continued to work.

First Maxim gun was ready in 1884. Dining patrons was a tape, the tape was made of canvas and has a capacity of 333 cartridges. Rate gun reached 600 rounds per minute
The first “real” Maxim gun was ready in 1884. In modern terms, it was an automatic weapon with energy efficiency in the short course of the trunk. Dining patrons were tape, though at first wanted to use the designer shops of the drum type. The tape was made of canvas and has a capacity of 333 cartridges. If necessary, the tape could engage with each other. Gun was equipped with a translator fire allows you to fire at a different pace – from single shots to a continuous line. Maxim gun firing rate reached 600 rounds per minute. As used ammunition cartridges .45 (11 mm). Cooling of the barrel – water, one of the most popular at the time.

The most difficult and problematic part of the machine gun was a “lock”, which consisted of a gate ejection port, the impact mechanism and levers, locking trunk . Maxim has solved this problem by attaching to each machine gun spare node, which can be simply replaced without doing repairs during the battle, and without running the risk that weapons completely fails.

Destructive Power

The first order for the machine guns was miserable – three “Maxim” for the army of His Majesty King George II. The British wanted to thoroughly test the system and decide to take a machine gun for service or not.

Then Maxim launched a violent activity, suggesting their weapons Austrians, Russian, German and even Chinese. Virtually all potential customers were delighted with the reliability of a machine gun. He fired without cleaning after three days in seawater. From a distance of 40 km issued 36 bullets entered the target. Austrian Kaiser personally recommend Maxim gun to purchase.

his combat power innovation demonstrated very soon.

In 1887, in Africa, under the Freetown ( the territory of modern Sierra Leone), the local tribe built a small fort, using them as a base for raids. Freetown authorities have asked for the help of London. Small detachment arrived with a gun and a machine gun. From the gunfire began to light up thatched roof huts. The natives climbed up, and then slapped on Fort machinegun queue. Perhaps the witnesses and exaggerating, but if you believe their words, by the time the infantry reached the gate of the fort, living inside the left. British Journal compared the fire “Maxim” with the sweeping hornet’s nest.


Sudanese rebels at the Battle of Omdurman were killed by machine-gun fire or were injured

The most famous of debut battles involving guns Hiram Maxim – Battle of Omdurman (Sudan) in 1898. The British army fought here with local rebel forces, outnumbered them, according to various estimates, 2-5 times. Brave but reckless attack Sudanese repeatedly mow fire cannons and machine guns “Maxim”. Ultimately, the rebels lost about 20,000 men killed and wounded. On machine-gun fire accounted for 75% of losses.

This was only the beginning. Ahead were the Anglo-Boer, Russian-Japanese War and World War II. They deadly power of “Maxim” was revealed to the fullest extent.

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