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– Enter the BMP in the game is not supposed to be.
– Plans bafit Japanese branch is no
– Mouse receives 15cm gun, after replacing the sneaker on Mauschen
– SH adopted a new concept of balancing an emerging technology in the game. If tezisno, then:
  • Save as much as possible historical characteristics
  • It is better to release a little tank and then zanerflennym nabafat than vice versa, as the buffs are perceived more positively the community.
  • – In the chat will be able to send messages to friends, but also if they are offline
    – American remake T18 TD in the artillery in the next rebalance arts.
    – rebalance artillery will in any case, but it will happen faster if introduced in patch 9.6 changes exactly have too much influence on the class, otherwise, rebalance is not a priority.

    Answers developers

    – this week (tomorrow / next day) vododely will merge video new physics. Moreover, mass, still the main feature of the year.
    – In ST test start a new map, city, mini-MAP and photos later. Map nearly symmetrical. Possible (!), 1-8 level of fights.
    – Project World of Warplanes will the new team that will try to rehabilitate the game.
    – Physics General Test will be as planned.

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