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I think many of you noticed my recent distaste (an understatement) for Richard Cutland, originating in what I was told in person by WG RU people during our meeting in Prague – and trust me, there’s a very good reason for it, several in fact and I am sure they will come to light eventually, either on FTR or somewhere else. I’ll give you even a hint though: the story of why there are no more post-war French medium tanks aside from the upcoming AMX-30 Prototype and AMX-30 in the game (and there likely won’t be any more) is an interesting one and very relevant. If you knew what I know, you’d.. “dislike” him too, but there are reasons why I cannot talk. For now.

Nevertheless, the following content might be interesting to people and that restoration part is quite fascinating.


As usual, Richard Cutland is reading stuff (presumably from a teleprompter) and as usual, there are mistakes. The biggest one I noticed is that he connects the concept of an autoloader mechanism to the oscillating turret. There is absolutely no reason to, those two are completely unrelated, an autoloading mechanism could be added even to a normal turret.

Regarding the depression – “10 degrees is the usual rule” is a complete nonsense. There is no general gun depression rule, the Soviet tanks for example usually had much worse gun depression due to the tactics they were to be using.

Regarding the oscillating turret, Richard Cutland (or whoever wrote the script) failed to mention the biggest disadvantage by far. An oscillating turret, given its nature, is impossible to overpressurize and thus, a tank with oscillating turret is practically impossible to secure against NBC’s. This was considered a major disadvantage and it still is even to this day.

The statement that the 75mm is the Panther gun is problematic. It was certainly an inspiration of sorts, but it is hardly an identical gun. The late (!) gun is shorter than the Panther’s, but only by a bit (L/62 compared to L/70), it has roughly the same amount of performance as the Panther gun (yes, it’s underrepresented in the game for balance purposes). Also it is worth saying WHICH gun, because the original AMX-13 gun had lower muzzle velocity  and it was worse than the Panther KwK 42.

Oh, and Richard Cutlend mentions “hollow charge” ammunition for the 75mm gun: “hollow charge” is a term for HEAT – there was no such thing for 75mm (or at least definitely not a commonly used one), the upgraded ammunition was APCR (or even APFSDS).

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