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Hello everyone,

just a really short info from the Insider about what’s going on in Wargaming:

– Insider mentions that there have been MANY at WG reports of one bug (apparently on live server, this info comes from the day before the test started): HEAT is apparently broken, the mechanism of spaced armor triggering HEAT is allegedly not working and HEAT works thus as a regular AP shell. It was allegedly tested on E100 spaced armor (mantlet) and T110E3 mantlet and confirmed. I personally was not able to reproduce the results, so it’s possible it was hotfixed server-side.

– developers are now strongly discouraged from mentioning War Thunder and comparing it to WoT and encouraged to focus on their own game design instead.

– some developers (including apparently, Richard “Challenger” Cutland) found an interesting info about British ships for WoWs, they are asked to scan it over immediately, as the WoWs team wants to have the Royal Navy tree concept ready before the end of the year

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