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Hello everyone,

welcome to the third part of the “Wargaming Meeting” posts, where the Insider tells us what happens behind closed doors. The greetings of the day go to French community manager, who not so long ago ranted about FTR on some stream.

– getting back to the “survey” part from last time: Wargaming indeed wants to find out, what is the minimum viable configuration, below which the owners don’t pay for premium and other ingame goods (eg. the game is no longer enjoyable for such weak computers).

The Insider also confirms the upcoming “lunar mode”, with the “lunar Chaffee” having following description:

A lunar combat tank designed to fight in the vacuum of space with 1/6 Earth normal gravity! Equipped with a specially modified chassis that can survive large drops with little damage and armor designed to reflect incoming laser blasts.

Yep, the Chaffee will apparently have a laser gun, the map name is for Moon River. This mode was approved for Xbox, it’s possible it will appear on PC as well (would be strange not to).

Just a few tidbits about World of Warplanes too:

– WoWp will have its own enhanced CW mode
– MM in WoWp is “frozen” due to very low playerbase, with the last patch bringing more issues than ever. The numbers are very low (some hours there’s only 500 people playing on NA specifically).
– Persha studio is still in charge of the project, but it will have an entirely different approach, staff changes, etc. despite what Gunlion claims. If that doesn’t work, WG will change the studio completely this time and reassign people from other offices. Gunlion (whoever that is, some WoWp CM?) is not happy about these leaks either
– a different damage model will be introduced (still hitpoint based and with component durability) – however, the bullet mechanics will be reviewed
– maximum altitude and climb rate changes, changes to the login system (there’s a bug making players unable to connect sometimes) and other smaller ones

There will be one more part, after which the Insider will go under for a while.

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