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Continuing from where we left off.

World of Warships

– WG expects a large amount of NA players, as NA is most enthralled with naval warfare historically speaking and has already made a number of players sign up and wishing to try it out, one video in particular has caused a certain degree of hype (it’s on Youtube, it’s a battle with a player using the Yamato)
– Generic player whiner: “OMG carriers are the arty of WoWs!” Developer answer: “Sail with AA boats near you, problem solved and piss off whiny bitch” (SS: before you get outraged, this is an INTERNAL discussion, you are not even supposed to see this)
– WG is aware of certain shortcomings of the WoWs staff and expects to have such shortcomings solved properly (Insider: “I’m guessing this concerns someone called “Challenger”)
– German tech tree will be redesigned to add more boats
– posting the “rising sun flag” in the EU/NA forums? Here’s an answer straight from a developer:

“With respect to history, the Kyokujitsu-ki, or “Rising Sun” flag of the Imperial Japanese Navy, has some negative connotations as a war flag, that makes it controversial throughout the world. At Wargaming, it has been our policy to substitute these flags in-game with the Hinomaru flag (red circle representing the sun upon a white field).

On the forums, you are permitted to post any historical photograph that depicts the Rising Sun being flown from a ship. You are NOT permitted to post any imagery of the Rising Sun flag otherwise, including vectors, gifs with just the flag itself, drawing the Rising Sun flag in fanart or contest entries, etc.”

– posting Kriegsmarine swastika is banned on any forum

Discussed changes to WG EU staff (support) mechanism

– players will now have the option to escalate the ticket if not solved properly (as long as it’s not something as retarded as discussing a game mechanic or a gun’s penetration). Wscalating means to actually have the supervisors and even the developers read your ticket (don’t expect “why im banned?” tickets be read by “daddy” SerB or his peers), this applies to technical situations and game bugs
– reports of fraud/scams will have a much lower treshold to make a moderator check the player, however – if the player is found not to be guilty and was just reported like that just because a fit of rage such as “I must report you because u hax!” the reporter will be punished instead
– if a player gets a retarded answer for their tickets that does NOT correspond to your problem (ie: having a problem with your ingame tank not showing up and suddenly getting an answer about a credit card payment and forms of payment), you can escalate the ticket and make sure the ticket gets read by a supervisor
– forum mods will now have a general rule on certain topics, no more “at your discretion” policy. This means that for example, a mod cannot act on his own accord beyond a treshold, offensive content will be punished
– technical problems are the most hard to solve. As such, players will be asked – when opening a technical related ticket – to provide their system specs file (they also will be provided a small miniprogram, that will do it for you, so you just have to click on “scan” and get the log file generated)
– “fits of rage” tickets are ignored and so will the players for future tickets
– moderators must check a list of banned mods before answering which mods are banned, anything related to Warpack is “insta-ban”. To quote one developer: “Any moderator telling you these mods arent bannable is just being retarded and the ticket can be escalated.”
– a proper list of banned mods on EU server will appear (pretty much the same as the NA one)
– in time, WG will develop something to detect mods too and will warn you of bad mods, it will also endorse certain mods
– offensive moderators can be punished, open a ticket when you see a moderator in a fit of rage and provide a link/picture
– tournament Cheaters/riggers and so on can too be reported, however there will be a threshold for that and a special section for it, e-sports, will be put under the magnifying glass as well
– clans will get moderation as well (their embassy forums/rivalry are usually a nest of rats and racist remarks) and also will be put under check if they are suspected of hoarding and cheating trough regions/strongholds
– lower threshold numbers for all reports ingame
– SEA server is getting new staff and more moderation, WG is aware the forums there reek of racism and worse. WG might replace a few guys and heads will start rolling “soon” for both troll players and moderators that don’t do their job
– likewise, EU is getting fresh meat and will make the heads of innefective moderators and PR/tech staff roll, they have already SEVEN under the scope, two being from Czech forums

Random Stuff

– developers half-joke that anti-arty-jihadists there should “all be cleansed by god’s hammer” (banned)
– thanks to the net neutrality act in NA, a deal with Timewarner was cancelled. It concerned “fast-laning” to a server, WG is thanking the act for making the internet an actual “free” thing (politely)
– XVM: shunned, but not banned: “play to have fun, not for purple numbers”
– confirmed: server cluster for Latin America
– arty will stay forever: never will be removed from game: “SerB needs your tears to bathe on his goldilocks tub”

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