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Hello everyone,

the Insider is currently present at an interesting Wargaming meeting, here’s a bunch of stuff that was mentioned during the meeting:

– a new premium special edition Soviet IS-6 “Fearless” will be introduced, basically it’s just IS-6 with different camo, it’s possible this is an Xbox-only vehicle
– there will a new Soviet premium heavy tank with full MM and (apparently) BL-9, that will eventually replace the IS-6 in store. It will be modelled “before 2016″
– new fun mode is coming, which includes a new vehicle named “M24 Lunar Chaffee”. It’s apparently a special event, which makes you fight on a “special lunar landing zone” with 1/6th of the regular game physics (gravity). Vehicles also have their characteristics buffed to increase their durability from free-falls. There will also be objectives within the mission to complete, not just combat. This event was actually created from the bugs where you see tanks being launched to the moon (FT-17 “Lunar Program”, ELC to the moon, etc). It’s being decided whether this mode will appear on Xbox as well as PC.
– Polish T-34/85 “Rudy” looks nice, it’s just a regular T-34/85 with 85mm gun and full MM, with the “Rudy” decals (that are already obtainable currently in Soviet tree) and extra tidbits. The price will be almost the same as the one of Schmalturm Panzer IV
– new US tier 7 premium TD (Scorpion) will have full MM and its camo will be roughly on par with E-25, it will be reduced a lot when it fires (to 0?), but it’s also extrely nimble and agile despite low engine horsepower (almost as nimble as ELC). Might appear in 9.7 “if all goes well” – if not, 9.8

– small buff is planned for Churchill GC
– developers are working on the improved motion physics, basically there’s a lot of feedback, they are looking for problematic areas, that cause wonky movement. There will apparently be many updates and corrections within a few days. Heavy tank intertia will be reduced.
– “Our physics are projected correctly, currently, light tanks can slide and use their inertia without going like ice-skating, mediums can slide and be much more dynamic and heavies can do the crab” (when they refer a crab is when a slope is so steep that the tank starts to slide down backwards or sideways, thus causing the tank to flip, this happened quite a few times during the Italian campaign in 1944 where Churchills had to go trough very steep areas, and sometimes, the tank would start to slide, if not stopped in time, it would cause the tank to flip, often with fatal consequences)
– developers would like to (at one point, not anytime soon, it’s just an idea) research the historical capability of tanks of crossing slopes and trenches and implement it, as in Churchill for example being famous for being able to climb major obstacles, but Maus – not so much
– the fate of terrible EU support service will be discussed tonight, there seems to be the air of anticipation from some developers, as they gladly apply for all night shift to witness it

To be continued… :)

PS: special greetings go to Germany, where apparently some WG producers go into a fit of rage whenever they hear of FTR and Silentstalker… :)

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