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here’s some info from the Insider. So, here’s the US server 4th of July 2014 offer:

And here’s the 2015 offer:

The 2014 offer is better – why?
According to the Insider, it’s because the they are waiting for the anniversary event to release some major discounts. Discounts on all tanks are planned, included premium, plus WG expects a large purchase revenue for the Japanese Tiger (the feedback of that tank on the RU server has been overwhelmingly positive, to the point that they (the players) fear a nerf may come to it.

Basically, the NA discounts aren’t so grand as it was originally planned, because the 9.9 release date is coming with a major sale and with the anniversary on the way (not to mention the Kanonenjagdpanzer is being positively reviewed as well).

The original planned 4th of July bundles were:

15% discount on tier 8-10
15% discount on tier 8s premium American (t34)
30% discount on all other American premiums
30% discount on American tiers vi-vii
50% discount on tiers II-V
50% discount on equipment and consumables
50% discount on crew retraining
3 premium time bundles discount

a bundle of missions that rewards free auto fire extinguisher, large repair kits and cases of cola.

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