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Thank you so much for the transcript World of Tanks Express

B Away to Wargaming.FM Product Manager of the company Wargaming Anton Bobrov.
Subject ether: Fashion (Transcript ether).

– Now our task is to develop movement in mododelov (will expand community), a lot of problems in this area there is no knowledge, tools, official platform for communication etc.
– Fashion appeared in a game since
– More than half of the players use fashion.
– Mod Battle Assistant is not prohibited, but also do not recommend to install (this mod does not appear in the popular modpakah), the man who did this mod is very talented.
– Now we have no exact test definition – cheating is a mod or not, so our department structure looks fashion and determines cheat or no other criterion, alas not.
– mods Manager (MM) – a very good idea, think about it. MM – allows the user to choose the fashion that he wants to establish, support updates, and others. Something like the store App Store.
– Now we are working closely on the mod WG Stream, there is an idea to make the opportunity to watch the stream during the battle. (What’s that you’re thinking about … approx. Ed.)
– Fashion affect FPS, particularly affected assembly mods study this problem, 10-20 FPS eat modpaki.
– Mod “AutoMessage” (I lit up, squared, help, art kills) will Fix, that would not be so much flooding.
– At the time, wanted to create an official modpak of WG, but then realized that our mod strangle all modpaki and we will monopolists, eventually abandoned the idea.
– XVM in the root of the game will not.

– on the witness week will be a meeting with the developers of World of Warships, there’s talk about the modes in this game and decide where we move in this area.
– We want that to modders to make new fashion, fashion ban will not.
– may be more competition Wargaming Developer Contest.
– We want that the players used to fashion.
– help modders with mods, some cooperating, we productivity.
– WG Stream and Wargaming FM modders have done under our order.
– Wargaming checks only popular modpaki.
– Mod on glare of there, now called Firefly (Firefly), is included in two popular modpaka.
– At the expense of eSports – probably will be a list of mods that will be allowed.
– For a long time the clans have tactical plate (mod), but he did not find its manifestation players.
– How exactly we identify violators of prohibited modifications – this is our secret.

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