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Here’s an interview with some WG e-sports PM by the name of Aleksei Kornyshev. I hate translating interviews literally, so here’s a summary of what’s in it. it’s (shockingly) mostly about e-sports:

– e-sports-wise, WG “matured” in 2014 and introduced new features to WG League
– biggest success for WG e-sports is the launch of the new “attack/defense” mode, which is a joint effort of pro cybersports players and WG game designers, it caused the e-sports battles to be more dynamic instead of campy
– there were no unsuccessful (unmet) goals in 2014 in e-sports
– additional player promotion functions will be introduced this year: in team battles (TB) will have static (pre-made) teams with rating, players will be able to show how good they are in TB and will be able to fight for the title of the strongest TB team in the region
– WG stats show that in TB, players are using all sorts of vehicles and not just “e-sports setups”
– the role of armor in e-sports is not always positive, some say that it negates the tactical element in e-sports
– RNG is not a problem in e-sports, other e-sports games (DOTA 2) have random elements as well
– 2015 WGL Grand Final will be “full of surprises as always”

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