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Hello everyone,

here’s an interview video with Anton “Evilly” Pankov, WoT producer. Inside:

– the project World of Warships will “finish the trilogy”
– WG has several projects they are not talking about yet beyond that
– regarding the alleged drops in WoT playerbase, Evilly states that the peak was in January (over 1 mil online), then it dropped due to summer and issues with 9.0 and now the playerbase is returning
– third CW campaign will start soon (on RU), its reward will be Object 907, but it’s possible there will be a choice from three tanks (907, M60 and VK7201)
– developers are planning further development of CW and Stronghold mode
– for individual players, the next big thing will come in 9.5 – individual missions
– individual missions will be more complicated than current missions, they will also have more valuable prizes
– FV4202 change to premium will not come this year, but in first quarter of 2015
– FV215b will be replaced by “Chieftain prototype” (SS: as far as I know, this is wrong – Mk.II is the right answer)
– FV4202 will not be given out for free automatically, there will be a mission for current tier 10 FV4202 owners, when you complete it, you can get the premium one
– German Panther 88 will come at the end of this year, it will be followed by Soviet tier 8 premium medium tank (SS: T-54 Model 1945) and Japanese tier 8 premium medium tank (SS: STA-2B)
– no plans to make a movie about Wargaming for now
– roaming is already functional (developers are sometimes playing on EU or US server), there are no plans to introduce it for now however, developers want to first find out how to monetize it etc.
– Evilly confirms that Russian players are better than Europeans or Americans
– developers are monitoring other games (AW, WT)

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