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  • World of Warships project completes a trilogy;
  • at the WG has a number of projects that have not yet publicized;
  • the maximum number of players (1140000) online was recorded in January 2014;
  • had a number of technical problems in the update 0.9.0, which corrected some time now the CA after the summer returns;
  • will soon kick off the third campaign, where the main prize will be a tank facility 907. explore opportunities
  • decision on the choice of one of three tanks, that is, the two played out in previous campaigns M60, VK7201 and the object 907 to choose from ;
  • fortifications finalized with the addition of new functions, properties and qualities;
  • for a randomly players in the update 0.9.5 will be individual combat missions;
  • IBZ will be more complex with more valuable prizes and awards;
  • more attention in the next year will be paid to the development of a randomly just fighting;
  • FV4202 changes this year will not be carried over to the I quarter of 2015;
  • about the opportunity to get a premium FV4202, then most likely it will be the task of fighting for the owners of this tank;
  • will be changed FV215b, will be replaced by a prototype chiftanka;
  • at the end of this year, at the beginning of the next scheduled Adding German medium tank 8 premium level, then the Soviet and Japanese;
  • issue their own feature film WG has no plans;
  • roaming is already implemented, it is used by WG employees within the company, plans to give players a roaming yet, you need to decide how to monetize it, how to develop;
  • by Wargaming.net in the film “Fury” has acted as the main information partner;
  • speaking players stronger foreign cyber-sports results evident that the Russian, CIS shnye team dominate;
  • developers WG watching the development of projects of competitors WT, AW.

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