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Hello everyone,

an interesting interview appeared on the Forbes site with WG vice-president Andrey Yarantsev. It was made in connection to the increase of WG-modmaker cooperation in the wake of the WGDC event. Some of the stuff is actually interesting. A summary of points he made:

– the main audience of WoT is people between 25 and 30 years old
– developers started to work with modmakers because “every company reaches a stage, when it cannot find all the answers inside the company itself due to the interference of various stereotypes, patterns of behavior and legacy of the past. That’s why we are starting to look for the answers outside.”
– creating a new feature for World of Tanks involves a certain “bureaucratic” mechanism of checks, that prevents implementing a feature, that would for example make WG lose players in another region (SS: related to the fact that it’s not easy to implement a useful mod into the game “just so”)
– current goal of cooperation with modmakers for Wargaming is to allow them to access the internal structures via API, so that they are prepared for future patches and there’s not butthurt over mods stopping working
– of all the WG brands, World of Tanks is the strongest
– WG is constantly working on not becoming a “one brand company”
– regarding the failure of World of Warplanes, the situation there is “special”: he admits that the size of the market (and the niche) was overestimated by WG), he hopes that World of Warships will be better, crossing the boundaries of the niche
– A.Pankov (Evilly) on WoWp: “Let me put it politically correctly and mildly – we need to polish the warplanes.” (SS: literally finish working on them, as in they being an unfinished product)
– WG is working on other projects as well, no specifics, they are looking for niches to expand to
– it’s possible that WoT VR will come in 2015
– it’s possible that China in 2015 will see a boom of microconsoles operating the Android as well as TV’s with integrated gaming equipment. If the Chinese get their licenses successfully, WoT might expand to these platforms
– according to the guy, prices (specifically of premium accounts as an example) are the same all over the world, with some small differences of course. One of the goal of working with 3rd parties is to make the game accessories (portal and such) more nation-specific

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